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Fast Wins For Your Website: An Event Pro’s Guide to Success


Did you know that you may be missing out on tons of potential clients because of common website mistakes? When it comes to your site, small changes can make a big difference. Here are some of the quickest action items you can take today to improve your website’s performance and bring in more business for you and your event company. We’re recapping our website webinar in this post— let’s get into the fast wins you can achieve today:

How To Build The Best Event Business Website

Start with website basics

Building your website

If you’re just getting started, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is the platform on which you host your website. Our tech experts recommend one of the following platforms:


All three of these are easy to use, and offer lots of customization options if you want to go the extra mile

You may be asking, “Do I need a developer for my event business website?” The answer is: not always! A seasoned developer is a great resource if you want to take your site to the next level when it comes to:

User experience (UX)
Search engine optimization (SEO)

But, you should be capable of making basic edits on your site. For instance, if there’s a date change or a typo, you should have full control to quickly make those changes.

Easy action items for your current site:

Already have a website? Here are some quick improvements you can make today:

Remove hard-to-read fonts. Pretty fonts are great for wedding invitations, but terrible for business websites! You want to make your client’s experience as easy as possible while maintaining a professional brand image.

Get rid of any auto-playing music. Your clients may be shopping for their event late at night next to a sleeping spouse, or while on their lunch break at work. Don’t turn them off by blasting music as soon as they land on your site.

Fix any and all dead links. Do you have any links on your website that don’t lead to anywhere and return a 404 error? Either remove it entirely, or change it to the correct link. Dead links hurt your SEO and frustrate your client.

Ensure your site is optimized for mobile devices as well as desktops. More and more people are shopping from their phones— don’t scare them off with a difficult website.

Website Audit Checklist for Event Profs

Revamp your SEO to get found on Google


One of the most common SEO mistakes people make when building their websites is not optimizing for keywords. Keywords should include:

Your location and any nicknames (e.g. “Dallas Fort Worth” and “DFW”)

Products and services you provide (e.g. “throne chairs” and “floral installation and arrangements”)

Events you specialize in (e.g. “weddings” and “mitzvahs”)

And more! But— how do you figure out which keywords to work into your website? By performing a keyword audit with helpful tools. Use Google’s tools, Search Console and Keyword Planner, to determine which of your site pages get the most traffic, which convert, and which keywords you are missing.

Pro Tip: Don’t ignore the user experience— avoid keyword stuffing! Website text should be written for your client at the end of the day. Google will dock you points if your wording sounds too robotic from all the keywords you use.

Build page power

In the last three years, more and more event companies have expanded into other verticals. Rental companies are acquiring venues, planners are dipping their toes into rentals…there’s lots of exciting growth happening. But, one of the worst things you can do for your business is host all of these verticals on different websites. This is because your domain gives Google clues into how credible/relevant of a website you have. If your businesses are spread out between different domains, you’re not building the domain authority that could give you a competitive advantage. Make sure you’re boosting page power by keeping all verticals under one domain.

Another great way to build page power is through content and backlinks. If you don’t have the bandwidth to maintain a blog right now, that’s okay! You can post sporadically and still see SEO benefits. Remember to write each post for a specific keyword to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. To build backlinks, you can partner with publications and other industry vendors, who can link to your site from theirs. You can also write guest blog content (or simply provide quotes for blog posts). This not only builds your brand; it builds your SEO. At Goodshuffle Pro, we have an extensive blog library of articles written for— and by— event professionals. Reach out to us in the chat bubble on our site if you’d like to write for us and boost your SEO!

Finally, you can’t forget the importance of formatting your web pages correctly. You want every title and header to have it’s appropriate tag (titles should be h1, direct subtitles should be h2, and so on). These tags are NOT the same as simply bolding the text (though it can look similar to the human eye). When you frame your content in ways that Google can understand, you’re boosting SEO. To learn more about the different ways you can improve SEO with the proper formatting, read our ultimate guide.

Close more sales now

Once you have them on your site, you need to show your value to potential customers. Why should they choose you over your competitors? The answer to that question is your UVP, or unique value proposition. Your UVP should be specific to your company and convey your value to potential clients (what are you giving them?). For instance, you may offer the most memorable, intimate weddings in Southern California. Take a minute to think about what you can offer to your clients that your competitors can’t, then add it to your home page.

Once you’ve established your UVP, ask yourself: Am I creating the best experience for my website visitors? Check that you have these 4 features:

-Clear, transparent pricing – this will weed out any unqualified leads and make visitors trust you

-Instant confirmation – when someone submits a form on your website, they should instantly receive a confirmation email with all the information they entered. This continues to build trust and relieves stress for your client.

-Seamless navigation – your website should have clear, easily-understood main menu navigation, page titles, and calls to action. It should also work well on mobile devices.

-Clear calls to action (CTAs) – you want your website to encourage people to take the next step in your buying process. Whether it’s adding items to a cart, picking a date, or reaching out to you in general, your calls to action should reflect this important next step.

Lastly, don’t forget to emphasize social proof on your website. You should add any great reviews, testimonials, certifications, and awards you’ve received to your site. These build trust and credibility with potential customers. You’ve built a phenomenal business— show it off!

Ready to win more business?

With these fast wins for your website, you’re ready to hit the ground running. Whether you’re just getting started and choosing the best platform, focusing on some quick action items like removing music and bad links, or working on fast SEO wins like blogging and backlinks, you’re well on your way to website success. You can read even more in-depth content about website strategy for event professionals in the Goodshuffle Pro resource library. Happy website-building!

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Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon has spent her career growing event and technology companies through consultative sales and strategic growth strategies. She’s developed client and brand experiences for companies such as LivingSocial and Surprise Ride (as seen on Shark Tank). Now, as the Senior Vice President at Goodshuffle Pro, she combines her love of both events and technology to drive the company’s growth in revolutionizing the event rental, design, and production industries with modern technology. She’s the NACE National Business Development Committee Chair for 2019 and 2020 and speaks nationally about events, event tech, and business strategy

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