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Evolving NACE’s National Governance

Over the course of this year the National Board has provided you with information and updates on the Pathways to Leadership Task Force.  The NACE National Board formed the task force as part of our strategic initiatives to promote national board service and expand our ranks of future leaders. Volunteer leaders are the lifeblood of NACE both at the chapter and the national level.

The task force was charged with providing the National Board with recommendations on ways NACE can more clearly establish, define, and communicate different paths within NACE that allow interested and qualified members to serve the association at a national level. In conducting this work, the task force examined governance best practices, effective approaches used by other associations, and the personal experiences of the task force members.

As we have previously shared, the task force presented an initial set of recommendations as a “Phase 1,” namely that the board should be expanded to include two At-Large Director seats serving two-year terms with more flexible eligibility requirements. In March, the National Board adopted these recommendations and they resonated with a number of members, including those who stepped forward to run for these new leadership opportunities.

Earlier this year the Pathways to Leadership Task Force completed their work and delivered to the National Board recommendations for a “Phase 2” that builds on the progressive ideas in Phase 1. In August the National Board accepted these recommendations. This update from us is meant to provide you with an understanding of the governance plan the National Board is putting into place and next steps. Over the next year the National Board will be phasing in the following:

Strategic Alignment of Committees

  • The CLC Chair, currently serving on the National Board by virtue of their volunteer role, will be converted to a Director position elected by NACE membership through voting delegates.
  • The CLC will follow the same structure as other NACE National Committees, with one chair selected by the National President and National President-Elect, and with CLC Mentors identified through our annual Call for Volunteers process.

Strategic Alignment of Directors and Officers

  • To continue to create more opportunities for our leaders to serve and be involved, one additional At-Large Director position will be added to the board.
  • The separate Secretary and Treasurer positions will be merged into one combined Secretary-Treasurer position elected by the general membership.
  • The Vice President position will be phased out

Strategic Alignment of NACE Organizations

  • To build on recent efforts to advance the strategic relationship between NACE organizations, the Foundation of NACE President will be appointed as a non-voting ex-officio member of the NACE Board

Strategic Alignment of the Board

  • At the conclusion of these changes the National Board will consist of four directors and four officers, plus the Foundation President and the NACE Executive Director as non-voting members. This will provide membership with a balanced governing body that is strategically aligned and elected through unified transparent processes.
  • The number of positions advancing automatically will be reduced to two: President Elect to President and President to Past Presidents, empowering members with greater direct voting influence.

It is important to note that these changes will be implemented thoughtfully to ensure members have an opportunity to receive relevant updates and provide feedback. By the same token, the changes to be implemented will not to affect sitting board members during their terms, but rather, some of the changes described will go into effect for the board term beginning in 2023.

Collectively, this governance evolution brings greater member representation onto the National Board, makes national board service accessible to a broader cross-section of our community, and ultimately brings more diverse perspectives, thinking, and experiences to the table. This will help drive our innovation, member value, and continued relevance during a period of ongoing change in the industry.

Next Steps: Bylaws Review

Parallel with this governance update, the National Board will form a Bylaws Review Task Force. This task force will be asked to review all of NACE’s National Bylaws for updates necessary to enact the changes described above, and to recommend any other updates or corrections that continue to provide NACE with a flexible and effective set of rules by which it operates. Proposed changes to the bylaws will be communicated to members after they have been recommended by the Bylaws Review Task Force and reviewed by the National Board.

Impact to Chapters

The most recent realignment of chapter bylaws to national bylaws was completed in 2018. The National Board will assess whether another realignment is necessary after receiving the Bylaws Task Force recommendations and collecting feedback from chapter leaders.

Member Engagement: We Want to Hear from You

Our plan for this process includes ensuring that we are listening to our members and providing opportunities to receive feedback from our vibrant community. Members are encouraged to provide feedback in the following ways:

Recommended changes to the National Bylaws will also include opportunities for member feedback.

Morgan Montgomery, CPCE, CMP, National President
James Filtz, CPCE, CMP, National President-Elect

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