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Evolution of the Venue & Vendor Relationship

As technology advances, so do the events industry. VenueX shares insight about how the relationship between a venue and a preferred vendor has transformed:

A few weeks ago, one of our clients brought up his venue’s old ‘vendor book’. It was fascinating to look back and talk about how much the industry has changed thanks to the internet and technology. At the time, a preferred vendor list was the easiest way for an engaged couple or any event host to find the perfect vendor. Other than that, options were limited to word of mouth, the yellow pages and print advertisements.

Today, it’s easy to find vendors, and the preferred vendor list is just one of many channels. However, all those options means that hosts are susceptible to hiring vendors that can fail to meet expectations. This impacts more than just the vendor’s reputation, professionals in the event industry know that a successful event doesn’t just depend on their own performance. It needs everyone hired to do their part. This is difficult enough to do as part of a cohesive team, but even more difficult when working with strangers. So, when a bride and groom use a preferred vendor, everything goes smoother.

That’s part of the reason we have seen the preferred vendor list evolve as well. A thick book is much more tedious than a quick search online. So many venues and caterers have shifted to listing their preferred vendors on their website. This is a big improvement, making it easier for the venue’s client to browse the preferred vendor list. For VenueX clients, there’s yet another evolution, listing preferred vendors in their client portal. With the click of a button, a host can send along all the pertinent event information to any preferred vendor they’re interested in. Making it easier not just to shop, but to book vendors too.

Regardless of the approach, whenever a host books a preferred vendor, it brings them one step closer to the dream vision for their event. For venues and vendors alike, the referral has financial advantages: new business for the vendor and commissions/referrals or a listing fee for the venue. Just as valuable however, is the peace of mind of knowing that the vendors working on an event alongside you are ones you know and can trust.

Note: There is a long running debate about how venues should handle referring
vendors that will be discussed in an upcoming webinar,
“When Your Venue Refers a Vendor, What’s In It For You?” hosted by industry experts, Alan Berg and Brian Lawrence, on March 1st at 2PM EST. Click HERE to register and listen in on the conversation.

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