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Elevating your Local Chapter for Success

How many times have you heard someone say, “I didn’t get anything out of it” or “it’s not worth the money”? Were they talking about their membership in your local chapter?

At one time, I myself said those words, and boy was I wrong. So what turned that around?

Someone said, “You only get out of it what you put into it!” I later came to find out that it could not have been more accurate.

What did you expect?

There are many members like the old me, people who join an organization and think that just because they belong, their business will increase. They believe that membership alone will make others do business with them or lend them an immediate credibility. The monthly meetings are nothing more than a business transaction, something they are obligated to attend.

This kind of thinking will not bring you anything, and thinking about meetings as an obligation will not improve your standing. It’s essential to think of your local chapter as a living breathing entity, something you need to feed and nurture so it will thrive.

You have to give a little to get a little

Still unconvinced? Take the first step and find some small ways to get involved. You have already paid your dues, and you are attending the meeting; take a time out from the hard sell networker approach and become a helpful volunteer. The easiest way to meet people in your chapter without forcing the elevator pitch is to volunteer for a committee.

Small jobs are actually great opportunities that give you a chance to walk up and speak to other members over and over. Now you have a reason to talk to people every month.

Try selling raffle tickets at the meeting. While the chapter is getting to know you as a participating member and resourceful volunteer, you help the chapter raise money.

Help out at the registration table, or volunteer as a greeter to welcome new members. As a greeter, you create a feeling of inclusion and friendliness that makes new members eager to come back and get involved.

What is your strength, and how can you put that to work for your chapter? Do you see ways to increase membership or a better way to raise money or awareness? Run for a board position and put that strength to work for the chapter.

Increase opportunities for everyone

As members of the hospitality industry, we work with many different companies and vendors each time we provide for a client’s event. When we see people who are elevating our work by providing an excellent product or service, we should be approaching them about membership in our chapter. Competition increases everyone’s work quality, and we need to surround ourselves with greatness to elevate our game.

Boosting the local chapter, in turn, promotes its members. By bringing in the best businesses and new brands, we are increasing the stature of our industry. In the same way, we are increasing our local boards’ leadership by involving members invested in the organization’s success and its members.

Remember that when you elevate your chapter, you are also paving the path for your success.

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Lisa Krumm Anhaiser, is the founder and President of LBL Event Rentals based in Houston, Texas that has been providing quality linen and event rentals to the area for over 20 years. Lisa is also a graduate of the prestige Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with other business owners through educating via one on one consultations and speaking engagements.

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