Diversity and Inclusion

There have been conversations and events led by NACE members, partners, and chapters on the very important discussion of race inequality.  There is a lot of work to be done to be a more inclusive community, and it begins with each one of us.

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Week 5: 5 Black Caterers who were influential in the catering and events industry

Henry Jakes (1818-1881) Baltimore, MD Henry Jakes was the most widely known caterer in Baltimore at the time of his death in 1881. He at one time also ran a successful barbershop. Like his father and his son, Catering was in their blood. Throughout his career he was heavily in demand for events, both of a […]

Week 3: 5 Black Caterers who were influential in the catering and events industry

Robert Bogle (1774-1848) Philadelphia, PA Robert Bogle, born a slave in 1774, worked as a waiter and, after obtaining his freedom, became a successful cook. In the early 19th century, it is claimed that he essentially invented catering. His entrepreneurial skills led him to become the first of many African American caterers who served nineteenth-century […]

Week 2: 5 Black Caterers who were influential in the catering and events industry

Thomas Downing (1791-1866) New York, NY Oysters are often seen today as a luxury food. Throughout much of early American history they were so abundant that people from all classes regularly ate them. In coastal cities, you could have them on the street or in dingy bars for practically nothing. In late 1800s New York, […]

Week 1: 5 Black Caterers who were influential in the catering and events industry

Charity “Duchess” Quamino (1739 – 1804) Providence, RI Charity “Duchess” Quamino, was born in 1753, possibly in Senegal or Ghana. She was initially a slave who cooked for a wealthy family in Newport, Rhode Island. She founded a catering company and eventually bought her own freedom. A gifted baker, she was known to many as […]

NACE Members Share Antiracism Resources

As the nation still works to tackle the longstanding social and institutional structures of racism, catering and event professionals are looking for ways to better educate themselves and take proactive steps toward diversity and equality at work and at home. The following are a collection of resources, influential speakers, organizations and advice submitted by NACE […]

NACE Action Plan for Black Community Support, Diversity, and Inclusion

The past month has been a pivotal turning point in the fight against racism and for an equitable and inclusive future. As an organization, NACE values diversity and condemns racism, and we acknowledge that we have some work to do to create an inclusive and anti-racist community. Taking Action As communicated on June 5, the [...]

We can all do more

The Foundation of NACE stands in solidarity with the statements on diversity and inclusion shared by our National Board. We agree, there is no room for oppression, racism, or discrimination in our society, which by definition includes the catering and events industry. We can all do more, we can all do better. As a philanthropic […]

NACE Board Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity Within NACE

Dear NACE Members, Last week, we all watched in horror and read about the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers. It was a moment of brutality and injustice that followed the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and many others. As we watched and reflected on this terrible act, we’ve been filled with […]

NACE Stands with our black members, black event professionals, and all black Americans

NACE stands with our black members, black catering and event professionals, and all black Americans. A vibrant community means a diverse community. NACE is here to listen, to embrace, to elevate, and to love our black community. NACE’s values are clear. NACE condemns police brutality against minorities. NACE condemns systemic oppression. NACE condemns racism. What […]

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