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Creative Hiring Strategies 101

Building a team doesn’t feel like the most creative endeavor when your time is usually spent curating designs, menus, or shot lists. However, it’s one of the more creative steps you can take in your business as you are, quite literally, creating a foundation for your growth. Finding and hiring the right people is an exercise of patience, but it can also be a chance to think outside the box as you hand-select the best candidates.

You don’t have to follow the traditional resume and cover letter to stuffy interview pipeline — you can build a hiring flow that works for you and your business’s needs.

So if you’re ready to hire but want to do things differently this time around, follow these team-building techniques to attract better applicants and get the full scope of what each person has to offer.

Look beyond traditional job boards.
While job listing sites like Monster and Indeed might be the first stops on your list, it’s best to spread the word as far and wide as possible. Relying on general job boards will fill your inbox with unqualified applicants, so turn to your network for support instead.

Share the opening(s) in industry-specific Facebook groups, on your social media profiles, and with your email list. You never know who might have a referral to send your way! The best part? By searching within your network, you’ll get more qualified candidates with the right experience for the role.

Think personality, not skillset.
When it comes to hiring, there’s one thing to keep in mind: You can train someone to learn a skill, but you can’t teach personality. Every member of your team plays an integral role in your company, not just for operations but for morale. As they say, one bad apple can spoil the bunch — and the same can go for an unpleasant employee.

While it’s essential to explore every candidate’s experience and skillset, it’s just as critical to gauge their personality style in the context of your business’s team and its values. The right interview questions can provide insights, but it’s also worth having applicants share their MBTI or Enneagram types to assess if they’re a match.

Offer an immersive hiring experience.
The interview process isn’t just for you to determine whether a candidate is a good fit; it’s also an opportunity for them to get to know your company and decide if it’s right for them. Unfortunately, the typical hiring process leaves little room for them to truly experience what it’s like working in your business.

Sharing their strengths and weaknesses in an interview doesn’t allow them to test out the waters, which means you can’t fully grasp their personality, interpersonal skills, and ability to follow instructions until they’re already on the team.

Instead, invite top candidates to shadow you for a regular workday. Show them the ropes, ask them to sit in on a sales call, or assign onsite tasks during an event day. A fully immersive hiring experience will clarify who is the best fit for your team.

Productivity and the quality of outputs in your business are important, but so is your company culture. As you build your team, remember that every person will influence how your business moves forward — so take your time to think carefully and make the proper selection!

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