Category: Local Advocacy Resources

Category: Local Advocacy Resources

Local Advocacy

Nationally, NACE’s federal advocacy is a advanced through a strategy of engaging with broad industry coalitions with aligned positions and objectives, and supporting the efforts allied associations with estabished lobbying capabilities.

Locally, chapters and their leaders and members have meaningful opportunities to engage with state and local leaders and governments to promote awareness of the catering and events industry and to provide subject matter expertise and guidance on the safe reopening and operations of events during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Local Advocacy Support Team

The NACE National Board has formed a Local Advocacy Support Team to serve as a resource for chapters seeking support, advice and ready-to-use resources for pursuing state, county or municipal advocacy efforts, while remaining responsible stewards of NACE’s identity and stakeholder values. The Support Team is lead by Megan Estrada, a member of the Chicago NACE Chapter.

Local Advocacy Resources

Economic Significance Data

Resource Library and Examples

NACE is providing these examples and ready-to-use resources to chapter leaders and members who want to engage with state and local leaders.

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