Thrive Tip #1: How to Get Started with Social Media Growth

Have you ever wondered what's the difference between a catering company that is just barely surviving and one that’s...

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How to Handle Social Media for Business when Disaster Strikes

When a natural disaster happens, we are often tempted to hold up our phones and post the devastation on social...

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Ranking Your Website on Google for the Long-Term

Very few methods of advertising or promotion continue to pay off after you stop paying for them. With traditional advertising,...

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Is Your Event On the Edge of Technology?

Event technology is changing events as we know it. From augmented reality to wearable smart badges, event tech is rapidly...

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Operating Lean as an Event Company with Technology

Time is elusive, especially to a busy event professional. We never have enough of it and are always pretty sure...

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Social Media Contest Prize Ideas for Catering and Event Planning Businesses

Creating a social media contest on Facebook or Instagram is an easy and free way to promote your business...

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Green Lighting Options for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Awareness of wedding-related environmental issues is no longer just a passing trend; it is a reality of doing business in our industry. Clients...

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Notable Tech Apps for your Business

For many of us working in the wedding and events industry, we live and breathe our calendars, email inboxes, checklists, and the like...

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Three simple things you can do to improve your event social media presence TODAY!

Social media can be a huge marketing tool for event businesses, but can also be completely...

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