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Can Marie Kondo’s Tidying Tips Unclutter Your Business?

Marie Kondo’s method of “tidying up” provides many high-quality tips that can help catering and events businesses like yours, including ways of streamlining your operation and keeping it from becoming too difficult to manage. Some of her most successful tips include ways to declutter your business and workspaces and keep it running more smoothly. 

If you’re like any average business owner, you probably need these tips in your life. Too many offices, equipment storage, and working spaces are cluttered with excessive items that make operation difficult. The following advice should help you avoid this type of annoying and distracting clutter problem and get your company back on track.

Clear Your Workstation 

When starting to declutter your business, it’s best to start at the spot where you spend most of your day, and then work your way outward into the rest of the business’ spaces. Your desk is likely cluttered with paperwork, plus cards, swag, and contact information collected at events and parties, and much more. You need to go through every item and get rid of all the things you don’t need and streamline your filing system so that only the most important papers and supplies are accessible at your desk at any given time.

And if you’re getting short on storage space in your desk and files, don’t hesitate to find a high-quality storage unit near you. These places can store your necessary paperwork in a sealed and protected way and keep your essential details safe. Storage can also be a good solution for keeping handy multiples of flatware, dishes, and glasses, and larger kitchen items out of the way, but nearby when you need them. 

Remove Items You Don’t Need 

After you’ve cleaned out your desk, get rid of unused furniture and equipment that take up too much space in office and prep spaces. This task might be harder than you may realize because people can get attached to furniture and even equipment. That old computer you had when you first started your business needs to go, as does that first (now-decrepit) slicer you ever bought, and anything else that clutters up the space without offering use in return. Open up your workspaces for more natural foot traffic and workflow. 

Once you’ve opened up your office, you can try converting a few extra rooms into breakout spaces or casual areas. Open spaces are more inviting and can provide an excellent place for testing setups or meeting with clients, or even just for employees to relax and enjoy working. A touch of natural elements, such as plants and natural light, can make these spaces even more attractive. 

Declutter Your Digital Environment 

One area you may not have considered during your decluttering quest is your digital environment. You need to go through your computers and clean them up, removing files you don’t need and storing important ones in an organized way that keeps them safe and accessible. Just as importantly, you need to clean out your email inbox and find a way to manage the volume of emails you get in a day. 

One smart way is to unsubscribe from newsletters that you rarely, if ever, read. These newsletters may be useful in some situations but often distract you more than anything. Don’t be afraid to let go of old subscriptions to help declutter your digital environment. And delete old contacts whom you either no longer work with or never contact anymore. Nearly everyone is accessible through an online search, and you simply don’t need outdated digital information in your life.

Focus on Successful Marketing Efforts

If you haven’t decluttered your marketing campaigns, you might be putting yourself in a tight position. Too many businesses try to utilize way too many marketing methods and end up creating confusion and difficulty sorting between their various concepts. Thankfully, this issue can be managed if you’re smart and focus only on the ones that work best for your needs. 

For example, you could do some preparing for a trade show, food expo, or conference. Conferences and similar events present great marketing opportunities for companies like yours, allowing you to keep up with current trends while showcasing the elements of your operation to the industry and your markets. Don’t neglect these types of business opportunity and their ability to propel your business to the top. 

Simplify Your Spaces 

So you’ve followed all the advice: You’ve opened and expanded your office and prep spaces, utilized only high-quality and high-use pieces of technology, and worked hard to create a dense and busy workplace. Unfortunately, now your employees — and you — can’t focus because your workplace is too busy. 

Try stripping back the elements in your workspace a little bit to make it simpler. Get rid of filing cabinets by scanning paper files and storing them digitally, instead. If there are sales or other office employees who can work remotely, do some arranging to give that a try. Focus employees who work together in separate areas to make their jobs easier, and try to connect various workspaces with clean and clutter-free paths to avoid congestion and inconvenience. 

Stop Micromanaging

You got to where you are in business by managing everything on a microscopic scale. Pride in your business is understandable, but micromanagement will not only drive you nuts but also clutter up your life and office. Be willing to let other people in your office do tasks, and utilize outside sources to manage some of your more challenging business aspects. 

For example, you can stop trying to do your taxes on your own, and have a professional do them for you. This helps to minimize the headache you get every year trying to figure out how much you owe. You can still use a tax calculator to get an idea of what you owe and to give yourself the chance to prepare for the unique challenges of your tax bracket. 

Running a business is complicated, especially as it grows and acquires a life of its own, and it’s easy to let habit or inertia wear you down into unproductive patterns. However, every area that needs revitalizing provides another opportunity to turn a fresh eye on your spaces and your practices, clearing out the old and unproductive to make room for the fresh and useful. Decluttering and reinvigorating your business this way can set you up for unprecedented success in the future.

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