Tips for Maintaining a Strong Company Culture

Want to attract not only the best clients, but also the top talent in your field? Looking for the kinds of events that set trends and capture the imagination of even the most notable professionals in the industry? Reaching the pinnacle of success in business relies heavily on the impression that your give others, and that starts with establishing, promoting and maintaining a strong company culture.

When you think of companies with the kinds of cultures that take whole industries to the next level, I'm sure you think of names like Zappos, Southwest Airline and Google. These businesses teach their employees core values, offer them compensation beyond their salaries, and impart a dedication to customer service unmatched by any of their competitors. There is no mistaking their work for another's and nearly everyone else in their industries is scrambling to be them.
Your business, no matter how new or how “small” it might seem on the corporate scale, can establish and maintain the kind of culture that creates a buzz! Here's how…
First, be a great leader. Your team is only as strong as the leadership that holds them together. You set the direction for your organization, determine the destination and hold the keys for how you will all get there together. Reflect on your leadership skills and team, and be sure you are happy with the hierarchy, as well as the results. Involve your employees in the conversation to get a real perspective on what their experience is like, and where you might have opportunities to improve.  Break your discoveries down into actionable steps that you will commit to following in order to grow.
Create a vibe in your workspace that helps get creative juices flowing and fosters contentment and confidence in your team. We pride ourselves on a fun and inviting office and have often received positive feedbacks from our creative partners, colleagues and clients alike. Our office is inviting – people want to work with us because they know they'll love every minute they spend with us.
Look at your office. Are your workstations fun and appealing? What does your furniture, your dress code and your décor say about your company? Is your storefront or website consistent with your branding? Easy to navigate and conducive to converting prospects to sales? If you find that the message is inconsistent, unflattering or ineffective, it's time to make changes!
Finally, plan some serious time to reflect, not only individually, but as a team on your culture, and make sure it is in line with everyone's personal and professional goals. We schedule an annual retreat where we focus on key questions that lead us to a better understanding of our brand and our performance. Our employees value the fact that they get to contribute to the conversation and we find that everyone leaves refreshed and invigorated; ready to take on another year of being purely awesome.
A strong company culture will help you grow a formidable team and the kind of reputation that leaves you in high demand. It's not something you can establish in a day, and it takes regular maintenance to ensure that you stay on track and continue to work towards common goals and new levels of excellence. Invest the time, though – it is without any doubt worth it and will lead you and your business to places you never even dreamed you could go!
Kevin Dennis is the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, a full-service event company based in Livermore, California. Dennis is the current chapter president for Silicon Valley NACE, and a past national president for WIPA.