Three simple things you can do to improve your event social media presence TODAY!


Social media can be a huge marketing tool for event businesses, but can also be completely overwhelming.  The good news is, there are some small easy things you can do today to improve your social media presence!
Make sure people can find you
This may seem like a basic step, but with so many businesses on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, you want to be sure that your current and potential clients can find YOU - especially if your business name is more common!  Start by making sure your profile picture on each platform is something easily recognizable, and the same in ALL the corners of the internet.  For businesses that are personally branded, this could be a headshot, but for larger companies, it should be a logo.  While it might be tempting to show a photo of what you do (a plated meal, rental items or a floral centerpiece, for example), save that great content for sharing with all your followers, and let you profile picture let them know they are in the right place!
Get the right information out there
Even if you aren't posting regularly on social media, potential customers are checking your profiles and may even be looking to find your contact information there.  Take a couple minutes and review your business profiles on the following networks: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.  If you don't have pages secured for your business already - do it today so that they are available to you when you want them later!  Then update & check all the info:  is your correct phone number and email address listed? If your business name isn't obvious, have you explained what it is you do?  Is there a link to your website?  Also if you don't post regular content to that platform, don't be afraid to use the profile section to direct folks to the platforms you are active on!

Get social!
Often times when people think of the work required to keep up social media, they are thinking of posting regular content, interacting with their followers and navigating constantly changing algorithms.  In keeping up with all of this, we often forget the basis of social media, which is being SOCIAL.  Take a few quick minutes and make sure you are following your creative partners, #friendors, and the folks that you love working alongside!  It's so much easier to remember to like, comment and follow along with their businesses if you are following them in the first place!

Hopefully these quick tips are something you can do today to better your marketing on social media!  I hope you can join me at NACE Experience 2017 in Houston for even more great content on social media marketing during my session on Cultivating a Cohesive Social Media Presence for Your Event Business!

Morgan Montgomery, CPCE, is the co-owner of Paisley & Jade, a specialty rental company serving the Mid-Atlantic. In addition to growing an extensive collection of vintage chairs, she also spends her time consulting with other specialty rental businesses, speaking at conferences across the country, and posting too many pictures of her feet on instagram