Superpowers for Selling


Could you imagine how your life would be changed if:
  • Every difficult relationship you've ever had could be different.
  • Every client you have could be your ideal, your favorite, your client soulmate.
  • Every interaction you have with people would be effective and positive.
  • Every sale you make would be faster, easier & more profitable.
  • How does that feel? Want more goodness? Wish that was your every day reality?
It can be and we can discover how, together, at Superpowers for Selling on July 18th from 830-930am with Rachel Sheerin, of She Sells.

In this high-energy, interactive class, we'll talk about ideal clients – who they are, what they mean to you, how they make life easier, and how to identify them from across a room, a bridal show ballroom, and even via email, and how identifying your ideal client makes you MORE MONEY! That's right, stone-cold cashola that means you can keep in business, go on that trip, afford to hire more help, contribute to your 401(k) and/or achieve all the goals you've been dreaming about while not working yourself to the bone!

Think this is badass education session is for sales people only? Think again – this session is truly all about RELATIONSHIPS – and how we can have deeper connections, faster. That's right, every relationship can be improved, including:
  • Your demanding in-laws
  • That one super annoying co-worker
  • Your spouse who can't seem to put away their shoes
  • Your crazy family (don't deny it, y'all crazy too)
  • Anyone who annoys/angers you in the course of daily life (slow walkers, hippies, materialistic jerks, anyone!)
That's right – we go deep in this session and have a ton of fun in the process with a speckling of adult language, real-life examples and #truthbombs about some challenges that only NACE members face in their businesses & life.

Do you want to sell more, be happier, and have deeper connections with people? If so, I'll see you on the 18th.

Happy Selling!
Rachel de Bernardo Sheerin