How can you stand out from the competition?


They must show the client WHY they are different.

I surveyed 474 event professionals around the country- both large & small - and asked them to rank the reasons why they believe that a client didn't book with their company. Here is the result...  

The majority believed they didn't book the event because their price was too high. No! You didn't book it because the client didn't see a difference between your company and your competitor. Remember, features TELL while benefits SELL. I also asked those polled if they could list 5 benefits their clients would derive by using their company, and 98% of the time I got at least three of these answers:
  1. Our service is amazing.
  2. We've been in business for ___ years.
  3. We pay attention to detail.
  4. We can work within your budget.
This always makes me wonder – if 98% are saying the same thing, then what sets you apart, and how are you different?  You're not. Your client is so accustomed to hearing these phrases from all of the businesses they deal with, and so these features just don't mean anything to them. You are setting yourself up to be a boring old commodity, but you do know there are countless differences between you and your competitors. Those lists above? They simply state the features of your company. You need to emphasize your benefits. A benefit is how your product or service makes someone feel - it evokes an emotion in their world. You simply need to take your company's features and turn them into benefits.

example: company #1 charges $3000 - company #2 charges $3500 and the client doesn't see difference between the two then price will always win.

Meryl Snow
Speaker, Consultant, Trainer

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