Styling a Bride

Every time I went to my hair stylist, I showed her a picture of what I wanted.  After a few visits, she politely told me that all my pictures were of the same person and she could not make me look like Victoria Beckham.


It's the same thing with brides.  Now that she has Prince Charming and a ring, focus moves to the dress.  She is online for hours, endlessly looking at models, pinning and repinning gowns.  Stop.  OMG she found it.  She has a picture of her dress.  It is “absolute perfection” (on the 6' tall, size 2, airbrushed model).  

She steps onto the platform and looks in the mirror.  Instead of having her “Say Yes” moment, she's confused, heartbroken, and tearing up.  More like a “What the Heck?!” moment, it looks nothing like the picture.  She chose a style that works better on someone else.

A conversation prior to starting the bridal appointment provided insight into her personality, venue, theme, and colors, and a visual indicated what styles are going to be perfect.  On her.

So when that perfect gown actually isn't so perfect, mix her style with some of the same features of the dream dress.  Her personal style will come out.  Watching the transformation from her wanting to look like a model in a photograph to finding her uniquely beautiful style is a joy.

Unless a gown is being custom made, there are a few rules of thumb:

* A-line cuts look good on every figure
* For larger-busted brides, consider straps with a v-neckline
* Under 5' 3”?  Mermaid is not for you
* Encore/older brides look classic and sophisticated in the sheath silhouette

Every bride is unique with a vision for every aspect of her wedding.  All professionals involved need to guide her with what is possible/practical/doable to play her wedding day out in her uniquely own way.

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