A New Trend? Social Media Concierge

I am writing this article about something that hasn't happened yet.

Let it serve as both a comment and a warning about things to come.  

You may have encountered this, but next month's wedding will be the first time that I will have a Social Media Concierge on site at a wedding for 12 hours.

A mother-of-the-bride came to me some five months before the wedding to request that I assist her in finding a public-relations professional who was well-versed in social media.  Her idea was to “generate some more excitement” about her daughter's wedding.  She saw this as a special kind of opportunity to share the news, with the main focus on Facebook.  She was looking for an actual campaign that would be well-planned and coordinated to give teasers that would interest the couple's “friends” and have them look forward to the wedding even more.

My initial reaction was surprise.  I guess I thought that her daughter's wedding was already a pretty exciting event in her life.  But this was followed up by the thought that maybe I am missing something, and that perhaps the future of weddings involves more than the hashtags that have already become commonplace.  After all, five years ago, I would not have imagined that guests would routinely have their iPhones out during ceremonies and that selfie-sticks would be provided by the wedding hosts during the cocktail reception!

And so I helped find a PR firm that could help grab the attention of wedding guests.  And the expert went to work. The videographer who was hired for the wedding was also hired to do a pre-wedding video.  And, as the PR person started providing content for the bride to post, I asked the mother if she wanted this person to be present on the wedding day.  The answer was affirmative, without hesitation.  And so the position of Social Media Concierge was created for this wedding.

The mother is concerned that all images posted through a hashtag might not be “professional” enough, and thus there will be no wedding hashtag.  The mother wants to augment the quality of any images that might be posted anyway by having 12 hours' worth of images and content posted by the Concierge.

And so here is the issue as I see it for all of us:  this wedding has an A-list of wedding professionals.  I know them all and am thrilled to be working with them again.  So where and how does the Social Media Concierge fit in, with her iPhone in action for twelve hours straight?  What I have done is to contact all of the professionals to inform them of what is to happen… and to assess their particular needs.  And I have requested that they all feel free to have follow-up conversations to set the boundaries and limits so that each can work in an easy manner with no additional stress.  I have also been clear that the Social Media Concierge will do her posting as a guest might… for example, she will be at her seat at the wedding and not in the aisle.

The photographers and videographers have their jobs to do, and they certainly can't have someone hanging over their shoulders, trying to capture the identical images.  And for the other professionals, is it an issue too?  Will the band be annoyed that someone is photographing (or filming) them?  What about the catering staff?  Will land mines pop up all night?  I feel that it is the role of the Wedding Planner to protect both the wedding professionals and the clients in these uncharted waters.

So stay tuned… to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

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