You Can't Fake Being Educated

The title of this blog, “you can't fake being educated,” comes to you (and initially to me) courtesy of Barbara Arlen.  Way back in high school, I was lucky enough to have Mrs. Arlen as a math teacher, and while I honestly can't say that I remember much if any of the math I learned in her class, that statement has stuck with me since roughly 1985 (if she stole that quote from someone else, my apologies for not crediting the proper source - I'd like to think it originated from Babs herself).  This statement was her response to a fellow student that wanted to know if it really mattered whether or not we learned what she was trying to teach us, and if we would actually use it later in life.

I don't know that I fully grasped the meaning of that statement at the time, but my interpretation of it continues to expand.  I now take it to mean that our actions, both conscious and subconscious, reflexes, reasoning, and “judgment calls” all stem from our internal base of knowledge.  We continue to passively learn throughout our lives, from books we read, people we meet, articles we read, even social media.  Whatever our age, job title, or chosen career path, we must also actively learn; pursue certifications such as the CPCE, attend webinars, sit in on educational sessions at conferences like Experience, and push ourselves. 

I've seen multiple studies that indicate we learn the most when we're uncomfortable, so don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone - it can only benefit you.  If you feel knowledgeable enough about a topic (or even if you don't), volunteer to lead or facilitate a learning experience for others.  Too much knowledge can never be a bad thing.  I encourage you to take advantage of the many educational opportunities NACE offers and to let us know if you have ideas for other programs, certifications, or topics that you think would benefit our overall membership.

My thanks to Barbara Arlen wherever she may be now for making a difference.

Doug Quattrini, CPCE
Sensational Host Catering & Events

NACE National VP