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Are we cannibalizing our own Industry?

There are no secrets anymore....any information you could ever possibly want is at your fingertips. With the availability of information online and in various other mediums,  we as catering and event professionals need to take additional steps to show our value to clients more than ever.  Anyone can Google "how to plan a wedding" and get 119,000,000 results in .69 seconds (that's a real number - I just did the search myself). That being said, how do we show the value in hiring an actual planner or professional vendors? 

Musings on Smarts and Education

I recently visited Boston and stayed overnight at a hotel near Harvard Square. A little intimidated by the surroundings, I made a comment to a colleague that this place was filled with super-smart people. She said “we are equally smart, just in different ways” … and I recognized after some thought that she was right. All of us in hospitality are smart and nimble. We listen, we aim to please, we are collaborative and we make decisions that are designed to please as many people as possible. My colleague reminded me that there are different types of smarts. We may not be Harvard smart, but we are hospitality smart, and that is a valuable attribute that shouldn’t be discounted.