Book Events Faster through the Power of Inquiry

We all have those clients who show interest and then disappear for a while. Sometimes they come back, and other times they don’t. Closing a sale requires a strategic approach...

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What insurance does my catering or event business need?

As a member of the catering and events industry, you make things happen. Those events, celebrations, memories you create? Well, they...

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A sampling of our Board’s favorite recipes

We all know our NACE members are foodies – as a token of our appreciation for your membership, we’d like to...

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Thrive Tip #2: How to Create a Visual Brand that Attracts Your Perfect Client

Welcome back my catering friend! I hope you’ve spent the last few weeks putting into practice...

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Foundation of NACE Grants Program

The Foundation of NACE is committed to giving back to our local chapter communities as well...

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