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Black History Month Spotlight: Candace Roberts, CPCE NACE Member

Q: What do you think people can do this Black History Month to raise awareness about important issues that impact the Black community in the catering and events industry?

A: Continue to support and promote black-owned and operated businesses. As well as, take the initiative to learn more about black culture and to respect its origins.

Q: Why do you like being a member of NACE and how has it impacted your life as a black catering and events professional?

A: I enjoy being a NACE member because of the amount of support I have received from so many dynamic leaders within the organization. This support sparked and created the NACE Black Caucus Pay it Forward Scholarship. I could not be more proud to provide support to others that look like me.

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Charmayne Branch

Charmayne Branch is the Marketing and Communications Manager for NACE and brings 6 plus years of experience ranging from content marketing to social media content creation and website management.

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