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Award Winner Spotlight: Experiencing a Taste of India at Home

Going above and beyond, being creative, and sharing this experience with other event professionals is what NACE is all about. My Indian-themed event that won the NACE One award in the Social Event Production (Budget Greater than $100K) category was a wonderful example of how a lot of creative ideas, teamwork and rigorous planning produced an amazingly successful evening.

This event, put on for around 300 guests, was our Season Opening Party, for many of the members at our private club, this was the first time they came together, reunited after spending the majority of the summer in their residences up north. I needed to create an over-the-top event and open the season with a bang! The objective was to set the tone at this party and start the season at a high level. I had to truly WOW our members at this exclusive member-only event.

I came up with the with the Indian theme for our Season Opening Party after several weeks of brainstorming. Besides the underlying goal of creating an amazing experience with exceptional food and music, I worked hard on creating special moments throughout the evening to elevate the experience and trigger goosebumps moments. I wanted my guests to experience India right here in our private Country Club environment in Delray Beach, Florida. The Cocktail party was filled with powerful music, exotic food, and vibrant colors. The party continued with Bollywood dancers, themed drinks, sophisticated food offered by staff that was dressed up in traditional Indian garments.

Many details enhanced the experience such as henna-decorated Place cards, mountains of aromatic spices, such as whole Red Peppercorn, Cardamom, and Star Anise. Ornate Brass trays that were used for passing, fragrant fresh flowers, a huge 3-dimensional Ice Carving that was a carved Replica of the Taj Mahal Temple, an original Mandap for a Roti Dessert Station, a ‘Tea parlor’, and a bindi- and henna station completed the experience. The event turned out to be a huge success. With the help of my team, I created an unforgettable evening that affected all the senses with vibrant colors, exotic fragrances, and peppy beats!

Receiving a NACE One Award promotes the Country Club I work for by showing guests our excellence and professionalism, in return attracting exclusive high-class clients. Winning the NACE One award shows my competition that I am on top of the latest trends, experience with the newest ideas and am largely successful at what I do. And it gives me guaranteed job security!

We are close to November and I am excitedly planning this year’s Opening Party. You will find out more details in Cincinnati at the next NACE ONE Awards. Wish me luck!

Anna Garcia
Addison Reserve Country Club
NACE One Award Winner

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