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Award Winner Spotlight: Corporate Event Photography

Craig submitted his photography for the event to the NACE One awards and took home the award for Corporate Event Photography of the Year. Explore his fabulous pictures from the event below.

The FICP National conference is a 3.5-day event that gathers over 600 financial services and insurance industry meeting planners as well as premier hospitality partners from around the world. In November of 2017, the conference was held in San Diego, and Craig Sherod Photography was the exclusive event photography provider. Craig submitted his photography for the event to the NACE One awards and took home the award for Best Corporate Event photography.

Working a corporate event can be challenging. Each evening, after photographing the day and evening events, Craig downloaded and processed all the images from the day and uploaded 25-50 bright images to be displayed the next morning on the big screen projector during breakfast. All photos were shot as very-high-res 28MB RAW files and converted to a size and format of the client’s choosing at the time of delivery (3 days post event), assuring extremely high-quality imagery that meets all of the client’s future publication needs.

Additionally, Craig appreciated the help of his various partners in working this event, who made it easier for him to manage the photography aspect of the event. “The venues, a/v, and planning were outstanding which allowed me to get excellent shots,” Craig mentioned in his application, “Often, the location of seating and lack of access via aisles make it hard to get the best shots possible, but I had great access.”

Craig added “It is a great pleasure to work on such a well-planned conference. It makes my job easier and more successful when the client is so thoroughly prepared. Also, FICP selected a top venue and engaged a top A/V company from the east coast for stage design and lighting, which makes for great photos.”

Following his win, Craig has been able to utilize his NACE One award win as a marketing tool. He has received some extra business because of his win, and knowing that his work was judged by some of the best in the industry provided a lot of value to Craig.

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