Award Submission Instructions

2020 Awards Submission Instructions:

  1. To create an award submission, log into, or if you do not have a profile, create one by clicking on Log in and then “create an account”.
  2. After logging in or creating an account, navigate to “my account”.
  3. In the bottom right corner, click on “view open competitions.”
  4. On this page, you will find a competition for each NACE One award. Click view next to the category you wish to apply for, then click “apply now” at the bottom of the page.
  5. Select your category, you will then be prompted to select a subcategory if relevant (ie, chapter size, budget size).
    If you are applying for an industry award, you will also select your team size at this stage (this will determine how much you pay and how many copies of the award you receive).
  6. Fill out the award application. Be sure to use the save as draft button. We recommend drafting your award in a document on your computer then copying and pasting into the form in case you are timed out.
  7. Once you have finished filling out the form, click continue. This will take you to the billing page. Enter your payment information, and then check out.
  8. Repeat! You will need to complete this step separately for each award category you wish to apply for.
  9. Please note, file sizes must be no more than 25 megabytes total.

Questions? Contact for any information, or utilize the chat feature at

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