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Are You a High Roller? Or Are Your Playing it Safe?

I want to make you a bet. If I’m right, you’ll come to my session at the 2019  NACE Experience Conference. Deal?

I want to bet that if you’re reading this on the NACE blog right now, you are not average – you’re great.

If I’m right on that bet, then I bet you woke up like this (#flawless #ilovebeyonce) – You woke up wanting to be great. You wanted to do great things, with great people and feel good about yourself, your experience and your goals – because you’re not average, you’re great.

But – I have a bone to pick with you.

If it’s true you aren’t average – then why does your business card look like everyone else’s? Why does every bride in your feed look like sisters all on the same diet? Why are you picking up the phone and giving everyone the same old greeting? What is blending in truly costing you, your business and your happiness?

If you’re committed to being better than average in work and life, then my session at the 2019 NACE Experience Conference is for you.

Together, we’ll examine why the world rewards “normal” and how we as an industry excel when norms are kicked to the curb, we take risks and dare to live in full color.

Diving into the risks associated with showing up fully, we’ll pull back the curtain on the real reasons you’re playing it safe, learn how to stand out in a positive and memorable way and shape your day-to-day into the most authentic, awesome version of your life.

Setting goals you actually want to achieve? Check!

Lowering the pressure to change who you are in front of clients? Heck yeah!

Owning your uniqueness and using it to grow your sales and happiness? Yes, please!

From getting clients who see you, know you and love you to reframing your mindset around flaws, weaknesses, and weirdness, if you want to bet on yourself, stand out in the best way and #hitthejackpot in sales, success, and happiness, I will see you in Cincy at my session!

Love and margaritas,

Rachel Sheerin is an international keynote speaker and trainer for hospitality professionals and organizations that love to serve others. You can learn more about her sales training, humorous keynotes and adorable dog by visiting www.rachelsheerin.com or emailing her at hi@rachelsheerin.com

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