A New Direction

NACE New Strategic Plan Promo from AssociationStudios.com on Vimeo.

Dear NACE Member:
We are proud to present to you, our valued member, the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan for The National Association for Catering and Events. This plan will guide the association’s work in effectively carrying out our mission to be the premiere resource and community for catering and event professionals.
Creating a shared vision and working to accomplish common goals moves us forward together, beyond simply the sum of what any one of us can accomplish alone. The development of this plan has reinforced our belief that NACE members truly drive the success of the industry, and it is in our best interest to provide you with unparalleled resources and a strong, vibrant community. This strategic plan provides a broad roadmap for NACE and is intended to be a dynamic and integrated effort.  
To achieve our full potential, staff will use the plan to help guide their work. We will look to you to serve on committees, participate in surveys, and provide overall feedback to continually evolve and improve on our strategies. It is, after all, your association. 
Our Focus is On YOU
As the premier resource and community for catering and events professionals, the Boards of NACE and The Foundation of NACE, have determined the association’s focus through 2020 will be on professional development, community enhancement, and organizational excellence to anchor its strategic direction.
To deliver on our mission and work toward realizing our vision, we are committed to achieving the following goals and objectives:

Goal 1 – Essential Resource
NACE will identify, develop, and offer cutting-edge education, technology, tools, and access to expertise through a variety of online and in-person platforms enabling catering and event professionals to grow and thrive in a highly competitive environment.

Goal 2 – Strong, Vibrant Community 
NACE will provide programs, services, messaging, marketing, and overall support designed to optimize through local, regional, national, and social networks:
  • member learning
  • interactive experiences
  • access to expertise
  • professional development 
Goal 3 – Strategic, Aligned, Transparent Organization
NACE will strengthen its communications, operations, and infrastructure to ensure positive member interactions, an efficient, sustainable organization, and timely delivery of valued products and services.
How Did We Get Here?
Industry and Member Needs Assessment Survey
Earlier this year, NACE contracted with Marketing General, Inc. to scan the current environment of the catering and events industry. More than 1,000 current, former, and prospective members completed the survey and provided insight to us that will help shape the future of the organization. Check out survey highlights and what we have in store in the coming year. This data, along with anecdotal data provided by NACE members, provided us with the insight to make calculated decisions about who we serve and what value means to them. You will see this reflected in the plan.

Want to know more about this process and our new plan? Join your board and staff for an open-dialog webinar this fall.