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A Wedding Planner’s Ten Favorite Emergency Kit Hacks

As a wedding planner, it is important to arrive on a wedding day with items that can be used to repair, restore, or resolve any problem that arises. I enter with a full suitcase full of objects, and most have obvious uses. This includes band-aids, safety pins, a sewing kit, a glue gun, and a steamer. But there are some emergency kit items that I bring that have uses that are NOT obvious, and these are my favorite hacks:

  1. Chalk. I have had a bride go for pictures before a wedding and ended up near a horse and another near a pigeon… and her dress had marks on it from the experience. Chalk doesn’t clean it but disguises it. One bride fell as she got off a trolley, and chalk covered the damage there as well.
  2. Sandpaper. I always ask the women for their shoes, because many have new ones and the soles may be slippery on a Church’s marble floor. Sandpaper just scuffs them enough so they won’t slip.
  3. Crochet hook. When I am faced with a long row of tiny buttons on the back of a bride’s gown, the crochet hook is my savior. The buttons are small, and it is hard to button them with the pressure of time.
  4. Earplugs. For ME! Sometimes I have to be standing near the band for a while, and it is NOT fun.
  5. A thong. Yes, bridesmaids have asked me on several occasions for a THONG!! There is a company that makes undies already in a small tin, and I bring this along just in case.
  6. Booklight. At an outdoor wedding, when it starts to get dark, it is obviously hard to read. I have this as a backup for the officiant.
  7. Sweet n low. Think stain removal! Anything oily (think fish, salad dressing) benefits from a packet sprinkled on your clothes, rub in a bit, wait 30 seconds or so and brush it off. It may take two packets, but it works.
  8. The spongy covering from a hanger. Ever get deodorant on your clothes? Brushing with this takes it right off.
  9. Large removable hook. Often a hotel room doesn’t have a place to hang a wedding gown near a window, which is where a photographer wants to take an iconic picture, so we can use this as a temporary measure that doesn’t damage the walls.
  10. Instant Ice Pack Cold Compress. I give these to the bridal party on a hot day when they are going to be outside for a long time to take photos! A wet rag drips, and these don’t… and they stay cold for a while.
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Lynda Barness

Lynda Barness launched I DO Wedding Consulting in 2005 after a successful and award-winning career as a real estate developer and homebuilder. She completed the Certificate Program in Wedding Planning and Consulting at Temple University at the start of her new career and has achieved the designation of Master Wedding Planner TM by the Association of Bridal Consultants. In 2015, her book I DO: A Wedding Planner Tells Tales was published )and is available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.)

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