Business Development Commitee

The Business Development committee will develop a solid plan for the overall success of the future business partnerships in our industry and beyond.
• Come up with a strategic plan for past, present and future Business Partners and recommend a streamlined approach to secure future partnerships
• Committee to discuss pros and cons of custom-tailored vs. specific level of partners with add-ons as a bonus option.
• Recommendations to the board should include ideas for the various levels of partner sponsorship, what potential additions partners may like to see, possible costs structure and the future of tradeshows and where the NACE one should strive to be by 2018.  

Chair: Vince Dreffs, CPCE, Chief Success Officer, Dreffs for Success LLC

Committee Members: 
Jan Levie, CEO, Creative Director, Handy Entertainment
Kimberly Templeton, Sales and Marketing Manager, Hard Rock Café Lake Tahoe
Natalie Wriston, Business Development Manager, Imperial Cost Control
Eric Ostrow, Owner, Miami Pure Catering

Board Liaison: Morgan Montgomery, CPCE

Committee Handbook

This committee will meet once a month or as needed. 
Meeting Notes:
Jan 11, 2018