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9 Unique Email Marketing Strategies To Help You Drive Event Registrations

Almost 40% of marketers believe that the key to successful event marketing is in the email. This tool which was once believed to be obsolete in the marketing world proves to be the most effective one, year after year. For marketers who need to be an all-in-one professional, it’s invaluable.

However, the question remains – how to stand out?

There is a sea of emails flooding your user’s inbox each day. Some of them are great and offer real value. Some are not so great. But if you want to create an email that they open, read through and act upon, here is what you have to do:

Send an announcement

First things first – send an announcement of your event. But don’t just gently let your users know that there is an event in your company’s future – announce it like a big deal it is. Include all the bells and whistles and show utter enthusiasm that this is soon happening.

There is nothing better than enthusiasm to get the users excited and lining up to buy tickets. Make the first email just an announcement – you have enough time to state the prices and include powerful CTAs. Get them interested first.

Share social proof

One of your following emails should contain social proof. If it’s a new event, just hitting it off this year, it could be a bit difficult but if you have been hosting the event for years now, you probably have a lot of rave reviews all over social media and your site. Use them.
“There is no one people trust more than their own peers. They are just like them, after all, only improved because of your event”, – explains Vera Joplin, an Event Manager at Study demic and Assignment writers.

Showcase the stars

No matter what kind of event you are hosting, there are going to be some stars of the event. Not like Hollywood stars, but generally popular or knowledgeable professionals from your niche that can bring some real value to your attendees. So, you should definitely send out an email introducing all of your stars and their credentials, what they’ll be talking about and so on.
This is another way to spark the users’ interest. If they see someone they like or admire, see a compelling credential or a topic they like, they will be far more likely to attend your event.

Package it as an opportunity

Your users probably know that your event will be a value-packed opportunity. But it doesn’t hurt to remind them what they are getting out of it. Let them know how much they contribute to the event. Your event is nothing without attendees, after all.

Offer discounts

Make your attendees feel extra special by offering them a great opportunity of a discount. If you let them know that this prove is as low as it gets, they’ll jump to the chance.

Include a video

Videos are extremely popular and digestible. You should include one in your email and make it compelling as sort of an advertisement for your upcoming event. If people are too lazy to read, they are never too lazy to watch a video.

Promote at another event

This may seem a bit counter-intuitive but it’s really not. People who are at an event – especially yours – having a great time are far more likely to sign up for another event. So, while your – or someone else’s – event is still on, use that opportunity of elated feelings to send out an invitation.

Use email writing and editing tools

A good email is nothing without style and accuracy. With your event information being sensitive, you need good copywriting and editing tools. Check out these tools which have already been used by Marketers in the past:

  • Stateofwriting and Viawriting – Copywriting can be difficult so using these tools is recommended. They can offer you guides to the best copy possible.
  • Ukwritings – Editing is important to remohttps://mywritingway.com/ve the flowery prose and redundancies and this tool aces at it.
  • Academ advisor and Essayroo – If you want your readers to read the entire email, you need to format it properly. For this, there is no better help than these tools.
  • Boomessays – Grammar is not something you want to get wrong in your event emails. Use this tools to improve your grammar, as mentioned at Revieweal.
  • Mywritingway – Proofreading for spelling mistakes is another thing you would have to do on your own if it wasn’t for this amazing proofreader.
  • Paperfellows and Academized – Every email needs some keywords, catchy titles and such. Fortunately, these two offer an all-in-one package for generating these things.

Get creative with style

Your email doesn’t have to be all serious and stuffy. Events are fun, no matter what the subject is. Be creative and include some funny GIFs, stories, anecdotes and so on.

Promote Your Events In The Best Way Possible

Email is most certainly not obsolete. In terms of marketing an event and gathering sign-ups, it can seriously up your game. Hopefully, these tips will be useful in your mission to have a great and well-attended event.

Freddie Tubbs is an event marketing strategist at Bigassignments. He also works as a part-time communication manager at Oxessays, and contributes articles to the Vault and Australian help blogs.

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Freddie Tubbs is an event marketing strategist at Bigassignments. He also works as a part-time communication manager at Oxessays, and contributes articles to the Vault and Australian help blogs.

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