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8 Quick Ways to Celebrate National Small Business Week for Catering and Events Businesses

With National Small Business Week here, you might be asking yourself what can you do to harness the energy of the holiday and attract more people to your catering and events business? One easy and quick thing you can do is make sure your Google My Business Profile is updated and current.

Why Google My Business?

Local businesses will be top of mind for consumers during National Small Business Week with so many promotions and advertising campaigns going on across the web, on TV, on billboards, and so forth. That can mean more Google searches for all things local and more people viewing Google My Business profiles in their local area.

So what can you do? Make sure your Google My Business profile is up-to-date and active by tailoring your content specifically to National Small Business Week.

Here are 8 quick and easy ideas you can do without spending a lot of time or money.

  1. Reviews: When people look at your Google My Business Reviewswhich is one of the first things they’ll doGoogle will show the reviews that they think are most relevant first. But potential clients can sort by most recent, highest rating, and lowest rating, too. You should ask current clients to leave a review of your business focused on why other people should consider your business during National Small Business Week. Including keywords and phrases about National Small Business Week in the review is helpful context and shows other folksand Googlehow relevant and timely your newest reviews are.
  2. Promotions: If you’re running any kind of promotion make sure people can see it! Whether it’s a percentage discount or a free menu tasting, people love discounts and sales. Add a sense of urgency by including an expiration date to encourage people not to miss out. You can also consider running a co-promotion with a related venue or events vendor close by with complementary offerings.
  3. Hours: Are you going to keep special hours for National Small Business Week? Maybe you’re opening early or staying open late on one or multiple days? Whatever your plan is, make sure you update your hours so people can find them when they’re looking to plan their visit.
  4. Phone: Is your phone number updated? Is there a different phone number people can or should be calling during National Small Business Week? This sounds like a small thing, but it’s too important not to double check that your phone number is correct so people can reach you.
  5. Link to your website: Maybe you’re running a special promotion on your website for National Small Business Week or you’d like to direct people towards a particular page. Either way, it’s important that your website link is updated in your Google My Business profile.
  6. Questions & Answers: Get ahead of the game by anticipating questions people might have during National Small Business Week and posting the answers on your Google My Business profile. You can frame your answers by mentioning that you’re providing answers to your most frequently asked questions to save people time. And be sure to include info like your holiday hours, special promotions or whatever else folks may need to know. Even if it’s just one answer, it shows your customers, prospects and Google how relevant and real-time your Google My Business profile is.
  7. Photos and videos: People love photos and videos, so post them frequently during the week. Maybe you have the photos of the first event you planned to provide some history or a picture of a menu promotion you’re running. Another great idea is to share videos of you discussing what National Small Business Week means to you, your staff and the local vendor partners and clients to mark the celebration throughout the week.
  8. Connect social media: Do you post a bunch of content for your business on Facebook or on another social network? If so, make sure you add it to your Google My Business profile so people can connect with you on your social channels.

That’s it! Eight quick and easy things you can do to take advantage of National Small Business Week by making a few simple updates to your Google My Business profile. If you’d like more help getting started with your Google My Business profile, get a free profile evaluation in just 30 seconds here!

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