Table Presentation of the Year

The "Table Presentation of the Year" award recognizes outstanding design and décor for an event table, including but not limited to guest, buffet or conceptual tables. A conceptual table would be considered a “best of show” display piece where several elements of a table theme would be included to showcase all products; for example, those tables as seen at bridal shows and industry table-top competitions.

Award nominations will be split into two categories. Your nomination will fall into one of the categories:
  1. Budget <$200
  2. Budget >$200
Award application fee: $115.00

NOTE: Industry awards allow you to credit members of the team that contributed to your event. Each team member included in the submission will receive an award.

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The 2018 NACE Awards honor events and accomplishments that were held between the dates of January 1 to December 31, 2017. This award is open to NACE members and non-members but NACE and NACE-sponsored events are not eligible. Team entries are allowed to be entered in this category when joint efforts were required to produce the event. If a team wins an award in this category, the award will be given to the primary nominee as noted on the nomination. Each team member added to a submission is an additional $115 fee. Team members will receive an award if the submission is selected as a winner.