From the Desk of...

October 2017

From Donnell

Since taking office as your national president, I have given much thought as to what I would like to accomplish during my year in office. I had a general idea, but it was not fully fleshed out until the retreat held in Las Vegas that brought together the boards of both NACE and the Foundation of NACE, together with the staff. The retreat was a time for introspection, for evaluation of where we are, and a solid review of the comprehensive survey returned by members.
What I would like to announce is a directional change. A change that will refocus the operations of NACE for the coming years. It is a change that both boards are fully committed to. What we as a united board has come up with as a strategic plan moving forward, is one that turns the focus inwards. One that shifts to a laser focus on our chapters and our members and to provide services that allow members to succeed as catering and event professionals. The Foundation of NACE will also be realigning their focus to specifically supporting the efforts of NACE. In doing so, the effect that NACE will have on members is further amplified.
I invite you to read more about the new NACE strategic plan. I hope this brings about a renewed sense of excitement for what is to come and that you are as energized as both your boards are.
NACE is a special place. We all know it. Now we have an opportunity to focus only on building value to membership and making NACE the premiere resource and community for catering and event professionals. I am confident that our new plan will help you grow your business, provide you with access to innovative business solutions, and allow you to establish meaningful connections with other top professionals and influencers. I hope that as you become more involved, NACE will become more than an association to you. That NACE will become a place where lifelong friendships are built.
In the coming weeks, we will be sending out an invitation to all members to join us in a Q&A session about this plan. During this webinar, we hope to have an open dialog with members about expectations and will welcome feedback and recommendations. In the meantime, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me, the board, or the staff.

From Kim
I must admit, I have a slight obsession with the fall. Sweater weather, bonfires, amazing colors, yummy hot drinks, there’s just so much to love! There’s also a certain energy that comes along with this time of year. That energy provides an opportunity to become motivated to consider our future and plan for success. This September, the NACE senior staff was thrilled and honored to participate in the joint NACE national and Foundation of NACE board retreat. We got to participate as active partners in this two-day strategy session, offering our perspectives as association professionals and the first point of contact for NACE members. At the end of the day, we walked away with amazing direction and support from the board. We will have a laser focus on building essential resources, strengthening our community and chapters, and operating strategically and with transparency. As a staff, we are ready. Members are our top priority and we look forward to leading this new direction through action and results. Of course, we invite you to join us in this revitalization.

Please keep an eye out for the “Call for Volunteers” email and sign up for a NACE national committee. It’ll be fun, I promise!