Chapter Toolkit: Chapter Management

·         Top 10 Things you need to know as a leader

·         How to legally run your chapter
     -Code of Ethics
​     -Fiduciary Duties
     -Confidentiality Agreement
​     -Basics of Conflict Resolution
​     -Strategies for Conflict Resolution
​     -D&O Insurance Application
​     -D&O Insurance information

·         Roberts Rules
     -Frequently Asked Questions
​     -Roberts Rules of Order

·         Board meeting templates
     -Board Meeting Etiquette
​     -Board Meeting Sample #1
     -Board Meeting Template Example
     -Board Agenda Example
​     -Board Meeting Minutes Example
     -Board Meeting Minutes Template 

·         Board retreat templates
Board Retreat Template
​     -Board Retreat Example, San Diego
​     -Board Retreat Example, Dallas
​     -Board Retreat Example Power Point, Dallas

·         Board of Director's Job Descriptions
​     -President
     -Vice President
​     -Secretary
     -Immediate Past President
     -Director of Membership
​     -Director of Programs
     -Director of Fundraising
​     -Director of Community Service
​     -Webmaster
     -Director of Marketing
     -Hospitality Chair
​     -Student Chapter Liaison/Representative

·         Chapter Reporting
​-Chapter Reporting Procedures
​     -Chapter Quarterly Report Template
     -Charter Watch Policy
​     -Charter Watch Part I
     -Charter Watch Part II
     -Dropbox Instructions
​     -Dropbox Chapter Links 

·         Operations procedures
​-Facebook Policy

·         Elections
-Election Policies and Procedures
     -Elections Ballot
     -Template for Initiation
​     -Template, Call for Volunteers 

·         Bylaws
-Bylaw Guide
     -Bylaw Template

·         Important Dates    

·         Star Chapter Functions
     -eProcessing Network, Credit Card Reports
​     -How to Update Membership Manifest
     -How to Send an Email Blast
​     -How to Post a Meeting on Star Chapter

·         Programs (samples, ideas, vendor contracts..)
​-Audio/Visual Partnership Agreement
​     -Venue Catering Partnership Agreement
​     -Caterer Agreement
​     -Chapter Awards Template
​     -Experience Scholarship Example
     -Experience Scholarship Example 2
​     -Program Ideas
     -Strategic Sponsorship Packet Example