Team Event of the Year

The Team event of the Year Award recognizes outstanding achievement in team effort to execute the event planning and production of a catered event by a group of caterers, event planners, facility venue managers, institutions, production companies, special event designers, décor providers, entertainment companies, and other vendors producing events such as parties, banquets, award ceremonies, festivals, sporting events, and expositions.

Best Team Event of the Year will be awarded in three subcategories. Your nomination will fall into one of the subcategories based on your answers to questions within the nomination form.

1. Budget <$50,000
2. Budget $50,000 to $100,000
3. Budget >$100,000

Award application fee: $115.00

NOTE: This award has specific eligibility requirements for the number and type of team members. Only one team member must fill out the nomination form. All other team members should fill out the Team Member Registration Form.

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The 2017 NACE Awards honor events and accomplishments that were held between the dates of January 1 to December 31, 2016. This award is open to NACE members and non-members but NACE and NACE-sponsored events are not eligible. Entries must include at least three team members (one of whom must be a caterer) and each team member must remit a separate entry fee. Only team members submitting entry fees will receive award trophies.