Certification Commitee

The NACE Certification Committee oversees the Certified Professional in Catering and Events (CPCE) certification program for NACE and aligns the program as a whole. This committee will be made up of four teams who will complete the specific tasks for the committee and then will report back to the Certification Committee for final recommendation to the Board. This committee will oversee the following current and future elements of NACE certification program:
• Approval and training of CPCE trainers along with the approved CPCE training materials.
• CPCE policy issues including guidelines, procedures, recognition and outreach.
• CPCE exam writing including analyzing current exam questions and the creation of new questions.
• CPCE competencies and body of knowledge to rewrite the CPCE Professional Reference Guide on a 3 year schedule.

Chair: Jermaine Bozier, CPCE, Director of Catering, ARAMARK-Higher Education
Committee Members:
Michelle Dunnick, CPCE, Special Events Manager, United Way of Southeast Louisiana
Cindy Marshall, CPCE, Nana Management Services/University of Alaska Catering
Larry Moore, CPCE, Director of Catering, University Catering, Ohio State University
Stephanie Olivares, CPCE, Catering Sales Manager, Hotel Valencia Riverwalk
Joshua Riggs, CPCE, Associate Director of Private Events, Denver Botanic Gardens
Michael Testagrossa, CPCE, Catering Convention Services, Caesars Palace
Valerie Ward, CPCE, Director, Marketing & Events, Blackwell Street Management Company/American Tobacco
Monica Newby, CPCE, Catering Director, A Grand Affaire Catering

Board Liaison: Doug Quattrini, CPCE
Staff Liaison: Anne Harper
Committee Handbook

This committee will meet once a month or as needed. 

Committee Notes
February 15, 2018