I've worked at the WDW Swan and Dolphin since 2003. During this time I have experienced changes to Leadership, vast renovations, and the creation of restaurants, most notably Todd English's BZ and Il Mulino.  We have also re-defined our Banquet Service and reorganized our Catering and Event Management Dept. 

Three simple things you can do to improve your event social media presence TODAY!


Social media can be a huge marketing tool for event businesses, but can also be completely overwhelming.  The good news is, there are some small easy things you can do today to improve your social media presence!

Superpowers for Selling


Could you imagine how your life would be changed if:
  • Every difficult relationship you've ever had could be different.
  • Every client you have could be your ideal, your favorite, your client soulmate.
  • Every interaction you have with people would be effective and positive.
  • Every sale you make would be faster, easier & more profitable.
  • How does that feel? Want more goodness? Wish that was your every day reality?
It can be and we can discover how, together, at Superpowers for Selling on July 18th from 830-930am with Rachel Sheerin, of She Sells.

How can you stand out from the competition?


They must show the client WHY they are different.

I surveyed 474 event professionals around the country- both large & small - and asked them to rank the reasons why they believe that a client didn't book with their company. Here is the result...  

Are we cannibalizing our own Industry?

There are no secrets anymore....any information you could ever possibly want is at your fingertips. With the availability of information online and in various other mediums,  we as catering and event professionals need to take additional steps to show our value to clients more than ever.  Anyone can Google "how to plan a wedding" and get 119,000,000 results in .69 seconds (that's a real number - I just did the search myself). That being said, how do we show the value in hiring an actual planner or professional vendors? 

Musings on Smarts and Education

I recently visited Boston and stayed overnight at a hotel near Harvard Square. A little intimidated by the surroundings, I made a comment to a colleague that this place was filled with super-smart people. She said “we are equally smart, just in different ways” … and I recognized after some thought that she was right. All of us in hospitality are smart and nimble. We listen, we aim to please, we are collaborative and we make decisions that are designed to please as many people as possible. My colleague reminded me that there are different types of smarts. We may not be Harvard smart, but we are hospitality smart, and that is a valuable attribute that shouldn't be discounted. 

Smart, Very Smart!

Two prominent NACE members are featured in the current issue of Smart Meetings Magazine

NACE Members Shone on the SuperBowl Stage

Some years, you forget who won the Super Bowl. Some years, you forget who even played.

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Working with a Temporary Staffing Company

The stage is set. Tables and chairs have arrived at the venue, chefs are frantically preparing their masterpieces, and the fresh smell of flowers hangs in the air. You've worked hard to make this event happen, but you know you couldn't have done it without the dedicated and quality staff that makes up your team.
Often, companies, particularly those that are small staffed, find relief in hiring a specialized event staffing company to execute events. Here are the top 5 things to know when considering a temporary staffing company. 


New this year at #NACEEXP17

We're Shaking Things Up at #NACEEXP17! Along with the informative sessions that you've come to expect from the 2017 NACE Experience, we will also offer several new features.